One Direction

One Direction. We’ve all heard that name at least once in our lives. That moment we googled “One Direction Video Diary Week 1” we single-handedly ruined our lives. Whether we admit it or not everyone likes them at least a little bit. Accents, Good looks, Great voices, what’s there not to like? Sadly I do not have tickets to the 2013 Tour, but I did get to go to the 2012 Up All Night Tour. If you by chance have not had the opportunity to hear any song of theirs, go check this out: You have been warned. Once you go One Direction you never go back




Wow guys I have no words. I literally forgot about this whole blog thing completely?? I was sure I had way more than 3 posts but as it seems I don’t??? Life has just been hectic I guess but thanks for visiting??

Never say never

😀 yayyy today, february 18, I will finally be seeing Justin Bieber’s never say never with friends :3 I just know it’s going to be great! earlier today I finished writing a poem for LA , on my favorite teacher because my LA teacher wanted everyone to enter the barnes and noble contest. Right now I’m watching zoey 101 and waiting to be picked up :3 ’til next time!


😀 it’s February 1 ! Today was my first of Business Education ( Computers ) !!! For the first half of the year I’ve had PE but we switch. It was pretty fun and the teacher is somewhat nice. It’s also valentines month ! Maybe I’ll buy myself something nice ;D GleeGleeGleeGleeGlee Don’t you just love gLee 😀 I sure do(: >:U make sure to watch it this Sunday on Fox :3. kthanksbye


Soo how has everyone been? D: it’s been years since I’ve been on wordpress so I figured why not go on today (: School has been pretty good this year except algebra @.@ it’s pretty challenging. Time sure flies, last time I was here I was around 10, but now I’m 13 😀 Today I got my subject selection sheet, so hopefully I’ll be taking office aid once again next year :3 It’s also the last day of January so tomorrow’s a new month !

You can follow my twitter if you want since I won’t be on much :3 @lauraemerald98